FAQ and T&Cs

1) Do you deliver to all the suburbs of Melbourne?

Currently we are doing the delivery only to the suburbs listed under Wyndham Council and we are in process of extentending to the service to other suburbs.

2) I have an unique product and would like to promote through your website, is it possible?

Yes, please get in touch with us @ admin@superbazaar.com.au

3) How will I get 10% discount for my first order?

You have to register online in our website and make a purchase online for minimum order value of $50 and update the coupon as SUPER in checkout. Discount would be applied for the products excluding the items from RICE, ATTA, OILS & PRE ORDER categories.

Note: This new registration offer / discount is imited only to ONE per family or ONE per registered postal address. SuperBazaar has rights to cancel the discount  applied, if two persons from the ame address / family applies and gets this discount by the system.

4) How will I get 15% discount for my 2nd order?

You have to successfully qualify for the first transaction discount and email to be sent to admin@superbazaar with your first order details so that admin would send a unique coupon for you to avail 15% discount for your next online purchase for minimum order value of $50. Discount would be applied for the products excluding the items from RICE, ATTA, OILS & PRE ORDER categories.

5) Is there any validity for the 15% discount code to be used by?

Yes, the second transaction to avail 15% discount to be consumed within 30 calendar days after finishing 1st qualified transaction.

6.) Will there be any circumstances where my discount could be cancelled manually even if the discount is applied in order?

Yes, in case of any system malfunctions or under developed features, SUPERBAZAAR has all the rights to cancel the discount / offer applied by system incorrectly. (Eg: 10% and 15% discounts are applicable only for registered users. Even if a guest user applies for the same and if system gives discount for your order, we will communicate to customer and request to make the payment for the discounted amount too)

7.) How does the LOWEST PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE works?

A lot of excercide and homework (comparing the prices of same products across many other indian retail stores across wyndham council area) was done before we set up a price online. If you still find price of any of our products at lesser price with another indian grocerry retailer in your area, we would be happy to match to the same and also reward you with 5% extra too

Note: We couldnt offer the price match for the perishable products (Eg: Batter, Yoghurts, etc;) and for their stock clearance / ocassional offer items. 

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